The holidays are upon us! These stylish decorating ideas are festive, yet they also work beyond the month of December. Prepare the bring cheer into your Sacramento area home this holiday season with these easy decorating ideas by Petkus Brothers.

Christmas decorating ideas for chandeliers are a quick and easy way to design a stunning centerpieces that dramatically transform winter holiday decor with beautiful items hanging on them. Christmas decorating that includes gorgeous pendant lights and chandelier decorations spice up room decor with unusual designs and bright colors. Christmas decorations can be hung with ribbons, twine, long pieces of fabric or fishing line. This creates a stunning, one of a kind Christmas decoration that is sure to be a conversation piece around the dining table.

Christmas decorating with tree branches, ribbons and other winter holiday themed decorations turn a chandelier into an impressive item that is easy to make by yourself. Green branches, dried fruits, berries, simple paper crafts and handmade Christmas decorations are perfect ornaments to hang on pendant lights and chandelier. Pendant lights and chandeliers can be decorated in neutral colors, dark, pastel or rich colors that you like. A set of ornaments, placed on different lengths of ribbon and tied randomly all around the chandelier create gorgeous display and add stunning details to Christmas decorating.

Countertops or islands are almost always forgotten when it comes to holiday decorating. As more and more Sacramento homes are being designed with the kitchen as a central hub for entertaining, today’s kitchen countertops also serve as a gathering place for friends and family. Here’s a few quick and easy holiday ideas to turn your kitchen countertops into a focal point for the holidays! The island is a wonderful place to add some decor to the kitchen space because it’s not the main countertop. Also, if your island has a raised counter area for dining purposes, you have plenty of room to add a little embellishment.

Try some quick tips like gluing cinnamon sticks around your candles. They’ll make your house smell amazing. You could glue the sticks around a can for extra sturdiness. Try this idea with candy canes around a vase, then add some fresh flowers. In a pinch, use your wine glasses, turn them upside down, fill with ornaments and top with a tea candle. Instant holiday cheer!

We also love taking some branches from your home and adding starry lights to them. If you’re feeling crafty, trying add some sparkles or white spray paint into the mix.  The branches bring the outdoors inside, while still being cozy.

Grab a cheese grater, a tea light and some garland and ornaments. What a quick and easy way to spruce up your countertop! Or start a rosemary garden. Grab a tin can, wrap some burlap ribbon around it, and start growing! Not only is it useful for cooking, it’ll make your home smell like the holidays!