Thank you for a fabulous patio room! All of your employees, sub-contractors and above all you installer, Dave Griffiths did a great job. They were knowledgeable, professional and dependable. Also, Larry Darling was a big help working with me in the planning stages. He answered all my questions and was instrumental in my overall satisfaction with the project. Thanks again to everyone involved.

Jack and Nory A.

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Petkus Brothers' DuraWood™ Patio Covers Provide Peace of Mind

A patio cover is a smart way to add beauty and value to your home. Enjoy serene outdoor living in your own backyard with Petkus Brothers' Durawood™ patio covers, Sacramento CA. Our factory‑trained installers and inspectors are ready to build your new patio cover, gazebo, pergola, awning, or arbor with no hassle, maintenance free Durawood™. Patio cover or arbor, Petkus Brothers ensures that whatever your addition, it's a one‑time investment that lasts a lifetime. Every patio cover addition is covered by a lifetime limited warranty so you can rest assured it will be the only patio cover you will ever need to buy for your home.

Here are Key Reasons Why Petkus Brothers is the #1 Choice in Northern California for Patio Covers, Gazebos, Pergolas and Arbor Installation.

  • We offer the best quality at the lowest price guaranteed everyday!
  • Over 20,000 installations‑to‑date.
  • Our installers provide quality inspection at every step of the installation process!
  • We have hundreds of patio rooms enclosures, gazebo, awning, pergola, and arbor designs to choose from!
  • All patio cover designs are built with DuraWood's™ lightweight aluminum material with the look and feel of real painted wood!
  • DuraWood™ patio covers, California are durable and maintenance free, saving you time and money!

With hundreds of styles to choose from Petkus Brothers can help you decide which patio cover, gazebo, pergola or arbor addition is ideal for your home!

Professional Installation of Patio Covers, Gazebos, Pergolas and ArborsPetkus Brothers' patio covers are a versatile investment. Invite the neighborhood over to barbeque and kick back under you're beautiful (always new looking!) patio cover. Show off your sophistication with a lattice arbor or vine‑loving pergola or awning. Or relax in the splendor of your garden or spa gazebo. Petkus Brothers can make your patio dreams possible! For over 20 years Petkus Brothers has helped over 20,000 satisfied customers just like you add high quality patio improvements to their homes. Now is the time to enhance the quality of your life and beautify your home exterior with an alluring and long lasting patio cover.

  • Patio Covers ‑ Enjoy your deck or patio year round without the worry of sunburn, snow, or rain. Patio covers or patio rooms enclosures offer all of the benefits of being outdoors with the privacy, comfort and protection of indoor living.
  • Arbors ‑ Enhance your garden with a graceful arched curve or flat top arbor. Vines, rose bushes, and other climbing plants love patio arbors. Imagine your children marrying their true loves under the natural beauty of your garden arbor and your neighbors' envy for your backyard beauty. Arbers can also be places of rest and relaxation for you and your guests as you stroll around your garden. Arbors offer endless possibilities and pleasures!
  • Pergolas ‑ These versatile garden features provide shaded walkways of columns or pillars that support crossbeams and open lattice upon which vines can climb and flourish. Pergola patio covers can be an extension of a building or terrace, a link between two or more pavilions, or may be a completely free‑standing structure not unlike an arbor. Pergolas are a classical addition to any modern home.
  • Awnings ‑ Join many local companies like Elliott Homes, Folsom Lake Nursery, Sam's Club and dozens of other landscapers and homebuilders who have chosen Petkus Brothers as their exclusive supplier of awning, California. An elegant addition to windows, walkways, and porches, awnings protect from rain, snow, and UV rays. No wonder so many companies and homeowners love the benefits of awnings on their buildings.
  • Gazebos ‑ Whether your looking for a Victorian gazebo, screened gazebo, garden gazebo, or spa gazebo, we'll help you design it, then we'll install it and ensure it lasts a lifetime.